Friday, March 9, 2007

Sanchez on the hot seat

Duaner Sanchez was sent home yesterday as a disciplinary measure after the young pitcher was again late to arrive at spring training. Apparently Sanchez has been repeatedly late and fined for his tardiness.
So, having already imposed a fine on the relief pitcher,Randolph exiled Sanchez on Thursday. And the manager said he intends to discuss the matter with Omar Minaya on Friday when the general manager returns.
source Marty Noble

Sanchez who is recovering from a season ending injury that occurred in July of 2006 while he was in the midst of a career year. The injury was on an off- field incident that was no fault of his own; while traveling in a taxi cab, it was struck by another vehicle that was operated by an alleged drunk driver. The team was in Miami to play the Marlins and Sanchez was was on his way to get something to eat with a relative. What was highly debated, especially on talk radio was that the incident occurred at approx. 1:30am and whether Sanchez was being irresponsible for being out so late. At the time and my stance still is that I could careless what any of these players do on their off time as long as their productive on the field.

This spring Sanchez reported to camp and was very optimistic about his chances of being ready by opening day. There were reports as far back as January that the injured pitching shoulder was healing well and that he was on schedule.

The club wasn't as enthusiastic about Snachez's progress and made several comments that they would see how things progressed. Sanchez has been less vocal as spring training has passed and it is now clear that he will not be ready for opening day.

The question now looms as to whether Sanchez has a poor work ethic and isn't rehabbing as hard as he should be and that's why he's behind schedule. Or did the teams lack of confidence make a young, immature player disgruntled. One problem may have nothing to do with the other, he maybe a late morning person and a slow healer. But those who had a problem with him being out a 1am with a game the next day just got alot of fuel for their fire and where there's smoke there's fire.........