Saturday, May 12, 2007

Gomez,Martinez,Milledge who stays who goes

This has come up so many times in the past, but I'd like to bring it back up and see what you guys think about the future of these players and where they will end up.

Now looking at the team right now you have a 41 year old Moises Alou in LF who will most likely retire after this year, and in RF a 34 year old Shawn Green who will not be on the Mets after this year. Then you have the 30 year old All-Star MVP type CF in Carlos Beltran who isn't going anywhere and is signed through 2012. That's 2 spots open in the future for 3 players, here's where each player stands.

Lastings Milledge 22 years old AAA:Ready when needed
Carlos Gomez 21 years old AAA: Ready only in case of emergency, Ready for 2008 season
Fernando Martinez 18 year old AA: Ready at earliest 2009 possibly brightest future

Here's some scouting reports on Fernando Martinez, and Carlos Gomez thanks to

Fernando Martinez

"Strengths: Martinez has an advanced approach well beyond his years. He has good pitch recognition, strike-zone awareness and power to all fields. He has slightly above-average speed, though he's better underway than down the line or as a basestealer. He has a strong outfield arm.

Weaknesses: Like many young hitters, Martinez tends to overswing when he gets in a funk but should outgrow that as he gets more reps against advanced pitching. He doesn't have a good first step and can take poor routes in center field, which likely means that he'll end up in right field. Power is still mostly projection, and some scouts see a swing that is not designed for loft. He also struggles against good lefties. Concerns exist about his ability to maintain speed as body fills out, leaving some to project a move to a corner slot.

The Future: Martinez has the highest ceiling of any hitter in the system and will put himself into the discussion of the best prospects in baseball if he can build on his 2006 season. Even if he has to move from center field, his bat could make him an all-star. He should be back in high Class A to begin 2007."

~We all know Fernando has begun the season is AA and though he hasn't developed his power yet he is the leadoff hitter for Bighamton and batting .300

Carlos Gomez

"Strengths: Gomez' arm and speed both rate as a 70 on the 20-80 scouting scale. He's an above-average center fielder and he refined his basestealing technique to where he had 41 swipes in 50 attempts in 2006. His lightning-quick bat and natural swing path allow him to make consistent hard contact. His arm gives him yet another plus tool.

Weaknesses: Much of his game is still raw. Gomez is too aggressive at the plate and needs to improve his situational hitting. He has plus raw power that has yet to show up in game action. His flashy style has irked some his opponents, but the Mets don't see it as a problem and think it will diminish as he matures.

The Future: With Carlos Beltran signed through 2011, Gomez' future with New York lies in right field. Ticketed for the Mets' new Triple-A New Orleans affiliate, he has a ceiling comparable with that of Fernando Martinez."

~The Mets are just hoping that Carlos Gomez can be half of the player Jose Reyes is, and hope that he can patrol RF for years to come. Right now in AAA Gomez has cooled down a bit after his great start is now hitting .286 with 2 homeruns 8 doubles 3 triples 13 RBI and then the 17 steals in 36 games. He also has 15 walks which is a complete surprise after seeing the famous Carlos Gomez quote from last year was "If you don't swing then you can't hit"

If you had a Lastings Milledge scouting report done before this year, you should throw it out and write it again, as Milledge looks like an completely different player from last year.
Lastings Milledge minor league career numbers .303 30 homeruns 150 RBI 73 steals in 1100 at bats. In just 3 years Milledge made it from Low A to the Majors, and everyone was excited for his arrival. But then Milledge had some struggles in the majors and when he did do something right (homerun off of Armando) he did something immature like high-fiving the fans. What really changed people's minds on Milledge was his series in Boston when the green monster got the best of Milledge. But that was the Milledge of old, and now we need to welcome the new and improved Lastings Milledge. After the season the Mets asked Milledge multiple times to play winterball, Milledge declined and fans went into an outrage. Well when Milledge arrived to camp early everybody just forgot about winter ball when Milledge came in with 15 extra pounds of muscle and in the best shape of his young life. After an amazing spring training in which he hit .368 with 1 homerun 8 RBI and 5 stolen bases in 57 Milledge almost won the right field job to start the season, instead he got a spot on the roster, but since he wasn't getting good enough playing time the Mets put Milledge down in AAA so he could play everyday. The biggest change for Milledge his attitude, as it seemed he matured over the winter, and is now respected by all of his teammates even Billy Wagner.

If I had to write a scouting report on Milledge it would be something like

Strengths: Quick bat makes good contact, good plate discipline, amazing Arm.

Weakness: Though he's been a good base stealer in the minors, right now it won't transfer to the Majors as he has a slow first step, needs work on hitting the breaking ball.

The Future: .290-.300 hitter 20-25 homerun power and with Beltran in Center should become the Mets future in Left Field.

The thing with Milledge is when trade talk comes up he's the first named mentioned so that would make me think he wouldn't be the one to stick around..

Who do you think will have the best future in order between these 3 great prospects and why..