Monday, December 3, 2007

Blogosphere - Bedard rumors

Tonight started very grimly with Omar having meet with the press and making what seemed to be back peddling statements about acquiring a starting pitcher. As John Delcos of Lo Hud Journal put it "You're not going to like this".

I was resolved to accept the fact that our best option was the very unappealing group of free agents. Now I've said all along I could handle one of them as a fifth starter but taking on two, hoping that say a Colon has a rebound year and can be counted on for middle of the rotation numbers is hard to accept in early December. Just as I was acknowledging that this might be our fate rumors started to circulate about the Mets acquiring Bedard.

While this is still in the realm of blogosphere rumors it has pickup significant momentum. Initially Matt at Metsblog had a post that there was buzz about the Mets and O's working on a deal. There was even some speculation that Miguel Tajeda was included in the package as a salary dump, either coming to the Mets or going to the Angels in a three-way deal. Several reports state that those lisening to the WFAN tonight heard a report from Sweeny Murti that the Mets might be close to landing Bedard (MLBTR). Even one site had the presumed players in the trade, MLB-Rumors. Since about 8:30pm nothing further has come out, negitive or positive.

I'm still doubtful because there are other teams willing to put better packages on the table. I remember last year there was a similar incident with Zito, so I try not to get my hopes up but it's exciting to think of acquiring Bedard.