Sunday, December 2, 2007

Colon high risk-high reward

If all else fails and he's still available I could see Omar bringing in Bartolo Colon. Roger Rubin of the Daily News put out a piece today on the possibility of Colon coming to the Mets. Colon has become such a risk that he's either going to make you look like a genius or a fool for acquiring him. If no trades pan out and a younger risk like Jason Jennings goes else where I could see Omar taking a flier on Colon.

He no longer is the pitcher Minaya landed in the 2002 deal with the Indians, missing significant parts of the last two seasons with arm injuries. But Colon could be a high-risk/high-reward acquisition. And the Mets could get him without having to make a trade, which has been a stumbling block for them given their lack of top prospects.

"Bart did like Minaya during the short time they were in Montreal," said one baseball person close to Colon. "I always thought he wanted to stay in Los Angeles, but if that's not there, he could do something like (sign with) New York." source Daily News