Sunday, December 2, 2007

Relief work- Dotel or Vizciano

I very surprised that Omar hasn't signed a quality reliever before the winter meetings. I would have thought if he could find one solid reliever as a true set-up man he could spend his time in the lobby working on starting pitchers. The market has started to dwindle with several good- to average relievers already signed or in serious negotiations; Mariano, Riske, Cordero, Hawkins, Reyes, Linebrink, Percival, Timlin, Wood, and Herges. My biggest problem with the Milledge trade is that he didn't even get a reliever out of the deal. Eric Gagne is available but wants to close and I'm not sure if I'd even be interested after Boston. The two best relievers are still available and it looks like Omar will at have a discussion with at least one of their agents early in the week. Luis Vizciano and Octavio Dotel are proven set-up man, keeping Dotel on the mound (injuries) and not over using Vizciano are the only concerns otherwise there's your set-up man. But as the field gets smaller the contracts increase, simple supply and demand. Omar should have learned that last year when he waited to the last minute to sign Schoeneweis and over paid. Had he signed a reliever earlier he might have had to go three years which is what he was trying to resist but would have had better/more options (Bradford).

They have shown interest in at least two other free-agent relievers - Octavio Dotel and Luis Vizcaino.
Agent Bean Stringfellow said on Friday that Vizcaino's first choice is to go back to The Bronx. But the Mets are among several teams interested.
"Omar and I have expressed that we're going to get together early in Nashville," Stringfellow said. source NY Post