Monday, December 3, 2007

Retro plan "06"

During the winter of 2005 Omar Minaya then in only his second season as the Mets GM took on a very cavalier approach to building his team for 2006. The Mets had shown some improvement in 2005 but following three seasons of last place finishes anything would have been an improvement. Omar set out to make a Championship caliber club for the 2006 season, but he quickly came to the realization that there wasn't enough starting pitching to build a team in the traditional manner. Instead what Omar did was build the best bull pen in the league at one point there were six players with closing experience; Wagner, Sanchez, Heilman, Bradford, and Julio. When Omar traded Seo and Benson for relievers the Media and fans went nuts. He then went out a built an American league line-up bringing in Delgado, Nady and Lo Duca, with a bench of Valentin, Castro, and Chavez. Basically he asked the mediocre rotation of Pedro (hurt foot), Glavine ( coming off ineffective years), Trachel, Zambrano and Bannister (rookie with alot of walks) to keep the team in games. The offense will make up for your mistakes and if we get to the pen the game is ours. The plan worked to prefection, the club went through 13 starting pitchers none would have been considered an ace and only Glavine on his best day at that point in his career could have been called a number two, but somehow this mediocre rotation steam rolled to a pennant.

So as we all realize that we might not be able to obtain an ace or even a number two pitcher, we might not need to. Maybe Omar just needs to use the model from "06".

Santana isn't the only Twins pitcher available what about going after Nathan while signing Dotel. Heilman can be used in a trade and the team would have flexibility with El Duque. How about a pen of Wagner, Sanchez, Nathan, Feliciano, Dotel, Sosa/El Duque, Schoeneweis.

Improve the depth of the offense with Nady or Minch. Once again tell the staff just keep us in the game, we'll out score them and if we get the ball to the pen the game is ours........