Monday, December 3, 2007

Winter Meetings edition-without an Ace

Watching most of the reports coming out of Nashville this week, it doesn't appear that the Mets have a very good chance of landing an ace. Although I thought the Orioles seemed like a good match, it seems that the package for either Bedard or Haren would cost our entire farm. The one lessen that should be learned from this, is that it doesn't appear our minor league scouts are doing a very good job. The Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, Angels and D-Backs all have better prospects then us, someone needs to be doing a better job scouting and recruiting/drafting.

Even without trading for one of the front line guys, I still think this could be a very good team with the signing of an innings eating veteran and either an injury risk FA or diamond in the rough trade. Brian Schnieder will up grade the rotation, his ability to work with young pitcher's and call a good game will attribute to the overall ERA of the staff. Who knows he might be the final piece for a pitcher to chose the Mets. If we find a pitcher who can duplicate Glavine's average numbers and find an improvement over Pelfrey's performance last year (ERA 5.57), whether that's Pelfrey more developed or someone else. Along with a full year of Pedro, accompanied by Maine and Perez with a full year in the rotation under their belts, the staff isn't dominant in the least but has improved enough to be competitive. Don't get me wrong I want a stud pitcher in the worst way and have a ten game lead the entire season, but I don't see it happening and I still think we'll have a chance to make the playoffs.

I would be fine if Omar said look the packages were crazy I just couldn't do it; your rotation for next year is: Pedro-Colon-Maine-Perez-L. Hernandez/Silva with Pelfrey and El Duque working out of the pen.......