Sunday, December 2, 2007

X-man Available

I know that Xavior Nady's tenure with the Mets has reach a sort of folklore status and that he really wasn't that big a component of the team. What I mean by that is if you talk to some fans you would think he hit .320 and .500 RISP. In fact Nady struggled with runners in scoring position with the Mets, but what he did do was balance a lefty dominant line-up. It has felt like we lost some Karma after Nady left and 1 1/2 years later the team still doesn't click like it did when Nady was in the bottom of the order.

Now there is a report that Nady is available. He could Platoon with Church in right field and at 1B with Delgado. Nady played 34 gms at first last year with the Pirates and 44 gms for the Pads at first in 05. The Mets don't have a true back-up first baseman, now that Green's gone. Easley and Anderson are fill-ins at best. I hope Omar seriously considers bringing back Nady......

The Pirates are prepared to trade outfielder Xavier Nady.
And, if they cannot do so within the next few days, according to one official with direct knowledge of their plans, they are considering non-tendering him before the Dec. 12 deadline to offer salary arbitration. That would allow him to become a free
agent. source Pittsburgh Post-Gazette