Thursday, February 7, 2008

Johnson coming back

It's very un-official at this point, but the Daily News reported that Willie Randolph said Ben Johnson has been re-signed to a minor league deal.
Willie Randolph said Ben Johnson has re-signed with the Mets. The outfielder was not offered a contract in December and became a free agent. Johnson is trying to return from a broken ankle. source Daily News

I thought Johnson was going to be a solid pick-up last year but he got off to a slow start in spring training and then was sent down to AAA. In New Orleans he went on the DL with a shoulder injury and then lost the second half of the season to a broken ankle. If Johnson can return to his 2006 potential which is what Omar traded for, then we may have the right hander off the bench. For a look back at Johnson around the time of his trade take a look at this post " Fifth Outfielder"

Q: Who are the top rookie prospects that could break into the starting lineup for the 2007 season?

A:Ben Johnson comes to mind, once again, as a player who could make an impact in the outfield. (Johnson) certainly has the tools to be an exciting everyday performer similar to his good buddy, Barfield. source 11/06/2006