Friday, February 1, 2008

Lohse price dropping

While still in the jubilation over Santana, it's hard to focus on other moves the team may make but they might not be finished before spring training. As reported in Jayson Stark's report on thursday the Mets may acquire Kyle Lohse regardless of whether they signed Johan Santana. Lohse would be a solid pickup as a fifth starter, based on comments from people with access to the team I think they like his stuff and feel that he hasn't been in the right situation to meet his full potential. Lohse is young and healthy, he would provide 200 innings and allow Orlando Hernandez to move to the pen, which would solidify the pen and give him the best chance of staying healthy. The organization would have the depth to incur an injury and replace the pitcher with a quality starter ( Mike Pelfrey). Along with providing quality spot starts, Pelfrey would be able to start the year in AAA where he could better develop his secondary pitches. If a deal was for two years it would allow the team to slow transition through the next off season, when three starters may become free agents. Oliver Perez, who is a Boras client will be a free agent and may want to move to the west coast. Orlando Hernandez may retire and while Pedro has said he would like to cont. with Santana signed the team may not pickup his option based on this years preformance. Lohse's price appears to be dropping as time grows closer to pitchers and catchers, which may help bring him in............

Ex-Twins pitcher Kyle Lohse was seeking a free-agent deal worth $11 million a year but now might have to settle for about $7 million a year source twincities