Monday, March 24, 2008

Figgy being groomed for the pen

Nelson Figueroa came to camp as a non-roster invitee and a long shot as a starter or long reliever. Figueroa has posted a record of 2-1 with a 3.14 ERA in six games (14.1 innings) and in probably 10 camps he would have already made the team. Figueroa started two games and pitched as a long reliever in two others, in all of them he was extremely effective except in one where he gave up five runs, which are the only he's allowed all spring. With the fifth starters job still up in the air it would make sense for the team to cont. stretching Figgy's arm out so that he would be ready if they gave him the call. If El Duque is on the DL and Pelfrey is ineffective, early on Figueroa should be the next candidate for the rotation until Armas is ready. It's this time in spring that extra starters are sent down to minor league camp so that they can cont. to log innings while the starting rotation begins to throw most of the games, Armas and Neise are examples of this occurring. But today and Sat. Figgy has pitched the ninth inning, he's been very effective as a one inning late reliever but it seems like a very strange way to use him. There isn't room for another reliever and the team is going to need starters. Willie said he was going to hold out Santana and Pedro so the opposition wouldn't get a good look at them, this would give someone innings but Figgy pitched the ninth today and they slated Neise for tomorrows game. When something absolutely doesn't make sense, I automatically try to figure out whats going on behind the scenes, Figgy pitching in the pen this late in spring makes me think either a reliever is going or a starter coming in..........