Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gotay might be released

Marty Noble in his latest column reports that the Mets might give Ruben Gotay his outright release. This surprises me because you would think that the Mets would at least attempt to retain him in the minor league system by hoping that he makes it through waivers. The second surprise is that Noble mentioned Tatis' chances of making the team as improved. Once the team announced that they would start the year with five starters, based on performances I assumed that Brady Clark and Angel Pagan would take the last two spots. But if Tatis makes the team it would cost one of the outfielders a spot, either could go, Clark signed a minor league deal and Pagan has options. If Tatis was to make the team my guess would be that Pagan would go down making the bench righty heavy to counter balance the lefty dominant starting line-up.

The Mets might give Ruben Gotay his outright release, though the club is fully aware they could lose him through waivers. If the Mets do release him, the chances of Fernando Tatis earning a roster spot is enhanced due to the need for a right-handed bat off the bench. source MLB.com