Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Waiver Wire: Gotay & Register

Adam Rubin of the Daily News is reporting that the Mets have placed Steven Register on waivers. It's also being reported that Ruben Gotay has also been placed on waivers. Just as we've watched to see who doesn't fit on other teams they're doing the same, I'm sure there will be several posts today from blogs those team is looking for a utility infielder and a hard throwing set-up man.....

Gotay was simply out played for his spot, some of that was due to his injury but as I've said before his defense and right handed batting are suspect. Unfortunately for him the Mets are a team that pride themselves on defense first and foremost along with having plenty of left handers. I will be surprised if he gets claimed but if he does it won't be that big a deal. Gotay was a nice spare piece but not an essential part; with Clark, Pagan and Chavez in the outfield with the regulars, Easley and Anderson can focus on the infield with Tatis waiting in New Orleans as a backup plan. Hopefully, he makes it through waivers and remains with the club in the minor league system.

I think in regards to Steven Register the team couldn't commit to carrying him all year and wanted to resolve this issue now. Register has looked very good and I'm sure they want to keep him but it's very difficult for that to take place with the rules of rule V. After being showcased by the Mets this spring, Register spends 48 hrs on waivers and if nobody claims him then he's offered back to the Rockies. The Rockies can either refuse him which essentially makes him Mets property or accept him and then return him to there system or trade him back to the Mets.

What I don't understand is somehow this spring Brian Stokes has gained momentum to make this team, but Rubin reports that Register on waivers means both Stokes and Smith ( which I understand) have increased their chances........

Reliever Steven Register has been placed on waivers, two sources unaffiliated with the Mets told the Daily News. That signals that Mets officials intend to turn elsewhere - presumably to Joe Smith or Brian Stokes - if Duaner Sanchez is not ready to break camp with the team. source Daily News