Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Who will be the fifth starter

With both Orlando Hernandez and Mike Pelfrey having sub-par springs, it leaves the Mets with a dilemma over who to put in the fifth starters spot. Hernandez simply won't be ready to start the season and once he is, who knows how long he will last or how effective he will be. I have heard quite a few arguments about what to do with Pelfrey; ranging from send him out as the fifth starter to sink or swim, to no way you can reward him for not preforming, send him down. My concern about Pelfrey is his make up, it appears every time he's close to success he implodes and the minute the pressures off he teases us with great stuff. Tony Armas Jr. was suppose to be the back-up plan but Visa problems have resulted in him not being ready, once he is if the fifth spot is still up for grabs I'm sure it will be his to lose. Despite Figgy pitching well it appears that the Mets aren't ready to give him a spot in the rotation, what a great story it would be if Figgy was successful as the fifth starter. But the team has been working Figgy out as a reliever which tells me that Jorge Sosa might get the call. Marty Noble writes that the Mets could let Sosa spot start until Hernandez recovers or Pelfrey gets it together. This makes other recent moves make alot more sense; Register being placed on waivers opens the door for Joe Smith or Figgy as relievers and Brian Stokes has received alot of positive press as of late which could be the team promoting Stokes as a long reliever so Sosa could move to the rotation.
Neither Orlando Hernandez nor Mike Pelfrey, thought to be the lone candidates for the fifth slot in the Mets' rotation, has distinguished himself; together they have created an opportunity for Sosa. A person in the Mets hierarchy indicated Tuesday that the club is considering Sosa for the seemingly unclaimed No. 5 assignment, noting that the recently improved relief work of Joe Smith and the swing-and-miss pitches of Brian Stokes have the Mets thinking they can afford to remove Sosa from the bullpen alignment. source MLB.com

Of course many believe that Omar will look outside of the the organization to fill the spot and is simply waiting to see who's placed on waivers. Now let me make this clear; I'm not suggesting this guy, I'm simply reporting on him because he's being discussed and offering my opinion. Claudio Vargas has been released by the Brewers and Joel Sherman of the NY Post discusses him as a possibility for the Mets. If Omar believes the team needs a long term solution for the fifth spot, then they'll have to bring someone in and if they believe Vargas is the best option based on availability and cost then he makes sense.

Don’t be surprised if the Mets try to sign Claudio Vargas, who was released by the Brewers. Omar Minaya has history with Vargas. In one of his first major moves as a GM – with the Montreal Expos in July 2002 – he traded, among others, Carl Pavano to the Marlins for a package that included Cliff Floyd and Vargas. Vargas served as a swingman with the Expos in 2003-04, and the Mets could conceivably use the same entity now with Orlando Hernandez and Mike Pelfrey struggling to grab the No. 5 spot in the rotation and limited organizational rotation depth behind them. source NY Post