Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Will the real fifth starter please stand up !!!

It seems like every time the door opens for someone to step into the fifth starters role they slam the door on their own foot. The job was Orlando Hernandez's until his non-surgically removed bunion completely altered his delivery and has slowed his spring to a crawl. The spot should have naturally gone to Pelfrey, after all many us thought going into spring training that the spot should have been Pelfrey's but over the last three starts no one has looked worse then him. Next up was Nelson Figueroa who with a strong appearance and another weak performance by Pelfrey, Figgy could have the chance for a real Cinderella story. But Figgy got shelled today by Jorge Cantu giving up a three run homer in his one inning of relief. Brain Stokes pitched a four inning simulated adding speculation that Jorge Sosa could be moved into the fifth spot with Stokes becoming the long man.

Joe Smith added to the confusion today by giving up three runs in his inning of relief work. Smith had looked solid and appeared to be gaining momentum to make the roster, in fact placing Register on waivers may have been a result of how good Smith looked. So now the pen looks like Wagner, Heilman, Feliciano, Schoeneweis, Wise, Sosa or Stokes and one more. The reliever who has pitched the best of who's left is Rincon but can the team carry four lefties ( I don't think they will) if not they will have to pick from Figgy and Smith. It looks like Sanchez will start the year on the DL, his recovery time isn't sufficient and even when he has come in he has given up a run in each appearance.