Monday, June 23, 2008

How much longer do we have to put up with Delgado

When the Mets let Willie and half the staff go, they were looking to spark the club by going in a new direction with the leadership of this team. Whether he's effective or not, Jerry Manuel has been very refreshing and it appears that the team has responded to him. But Omar fell short by not making a significant change to the starting line-up. I strongly believe that Carlos Delgado has become a detriment to the club and should be released. Not only would it serve to change the atmosphere in the clubhouse but also remove a stagnant player from the field. Even with his slight surge lately he is hitting .234 with a .307 OBP while hitting 11 HRs and driving in 35 RBIs which simply isn't cutting it. Delgado has recently made several fine plays in the field but still lacks the range to compensate for his weak hitting. I'd rather see one of the youngsters get a shot and when they struggle at least have the excuse that they're still learning at this level then watch a washed up veteran repeatedly fail. Tonight, in the ninth inning Delgado came to the plate as the tying run with one out, to be honest I had no faith that he'd do anything except strike out and that's exactly what he did, two of the pitches were ridiculously out of the zone.