Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Epic collapse

It was such a great game that came crashing down in devastating fashion. What an epic collapse in the ninth inning of a game that the Mets were cruising to a win and sole position of first place. Johan Santana answered the call, with many screaming for Santana to have a signature game he gave them one, the only thing he didn't do was pitch the ninth. But who would have expected the Mets bullpen, which has been so solid lately not to be able to hold a three run lead against the bottom half of the Phillies order.

I'm so mad because there were so many good points to this game that they didn't deserve to lose it. Santana was great, he went eight innings allowing two runs, on eight hits and struck out four while walking none. Carlos Delgado and Ramon Castro both cont. their hot hitting by hitting homeruns. The Mets got five runs off Joe Blanton, not only is he the Phillies new acquisition but he hadn't allowed the Mets to score on him in 17 innings.

So with all the momentum in the world and Shea rocking, Duaner Sanchez took the mound because Wagner was not available in the ninth inning and I felt the game was over. But Duaner Sanchez looked absolutely awful, the pressure of trying to close the game looks like it got to him. Sanchez lead off the ninth with three straight hits to load the bases with no outs and it looked like he was serving batting practice to the Phillies hitters. Joe Smith came in and induced a ground ball but Jose Reyes failed to get any out. The Biggest mistake was putting in Pedro Feliciano, who hasn't looked good in a while and I wouldn't have put him in with no outs, bases load and a two run lead. Feliciano gave up the game, while Sanchez was credited with three of the runs they were scored against hits off Feliciano.....

What an absolutely devastating loss, it was really bad..........