Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's true I'm jealous of all the moves......

Teams have been wheeling and dealing for over two weeks now, some have been big name splashy trades while others have been minor waiver pickups. While I'm not specifically jealous of any one player or move that's been made, I am jealous that the Mets haven't made a move. As I said earlier this week I like an aggressive GM, which is how I would categorize Omar for the most part but at times I will admit that he frustrates me with his patience. Now I'm not one who wants a trade just for a trade and believe that everybody Else's scrap heap will be better then our players. But every contending team can be improved and there's a reason for the frenzy at the deadline, bad teams are working to improve for next year while good teams are looking to bolster for the stretch run. It seems like every contending team has improved themselves except the Mets, what would I like them to do ? Pickup a solid corner outfielder, who won't cost the entire farm........

Here's a look at the players who have moved so far this month.......

C.C. Sabathia - Brewers
Rich Harden - Cubs
Joe Blanton- Philly
Randy Wolf- Astros (why)
Jon Rauch- Dbacks
UT Pablo Ozuna -Dodgers
1B Richie Sexson -Yanks
1B Tony Clark - DBacks
OF Jay Gibbons - Brewers
2B Ray Durham - Brewers