Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Omar likes Blake

Today John Heyman of SI in his latest column reports that Omar Minaya is a fan of Casey Blake. I wrote a post on Blake after the Sabathia trade in trying to identify who the mets could target in Cleveland. I, just like anybody else would love to have a big name outfielder like Nady, Bay, Holliday, DeJesus or Rios (unless someone decides to see cheap) but I don't want to see the team give up what few big time prospects we have left.

In my opinion it's not about getting a player better then Chavez or Tatis but one that will compliment them by adding depth to the roster. Regardless of whether or not Church returns I believe if Tatis and Chavez are cont. to be used as a straight platoon there will be a point of diminished returns. But if the Mets acquire a guy with a decent bat ( .260-.270) and a good glove then the three will be able to get the proper rest and if Church goes down again after the deadline it won't be devastating.

It's not about putting a full timer in the spot to supplant Tatis/Chavez but to add depth so were not relying on guys like Cancel, Evans, and Anderson down the stretch. This can also be accomplished by trading low level prospects that won't be missed, look who was traded in the Castillo and Pagan trades. Not only will it help then contend this year but they can then turn the position over to F-Mart next year when he's ready.

So if by next week Omar has traded for Blake, Ibanez, Byrd, Payton, Rivera, etc... I have no problem in the move knowing they picked the best player to add depth and help them now without mortgaging the future..........

Speaking of the Mets, it's possible that either Cleveland's Casey Blake or Seattle's Raul Ibanez might cure the team's outfield woes. Mets GM Omar Minaya is especially known to be a fan of Blake, who's hitting .329 since mid-June. source SI.com

Hate tip to MLBTR