Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What was positive last night

Don't get me wrong, even thinking about last night's loss is painful but putting it in perspective there are some good things to look at. First off; in the bigger picture, it was just one game and the Mets who were left for dead three weeks ago as they were swept by teams like the Padres are only one game out of first. They have remained competitive while losing three starting players and their projected number two starter, even Wagner wasn't available last night. They have taken the first three series against their legitimate rivals (Phillies) and even though last night felt like they lost the season, they still have two games this week to redeem themselves. Not once in the season, from their lowest point to the nine game winning streak have they been given a pass for injuries. The Braves have pretty much packed it in and while they were projected to be a contender the excuse for their poor season is injuries.....

Last nights game (IMO) falls squarely on the shoulders of Duaner Sanchez failing to step up, in a big situation and close the game out. Moving forward the set-up man role may have to be re-accessed we have seen both Heilman and now Sanchez choke in big games. I have no problem with Manuel pulling Santana after the 8th, he should be able to expect his pen to get three outs. The only mistake was sending Feliciano to the mound who has looked awful lately with runners on.

Johan Santana proved he can pitch for New York in a big game, by the time this game was finished being hyped as a signature game against the rival Phillies it had to feel like a NY playoff atmosphere. Joe Smith did his job with bases loaded that could have been a double play with a one run lead and a runner on third, he should get more consideration later in games....

Carlos Delgado has found himself in a big way and while I was ready to waive him in June, he has completely proven me wrong and deserves to be recognized. Delgado has raised his overall average to .260 and is hitting .406 in July with an .889 Slg. Pct. I said that if they could get a BA of .250 with 30-35 HRs and 80-90 RBIs from 1B I would be satisfied with the position and Delgado is well on his way to those numbers.

Chavez has been struggling and I was concerned with the bench getting to the point of diminished returns. I can't blame him for the runner blunders, those are on the back of the third base coach the fact is Chavy went 3-4 and was pesky all night long which was a very good sign for him.

Ramon Castro continues to prove that he is at least a full platoon capable catcher. I still think more then 3-4 days a week and Castro would start to break down and Schneider shuts down the running game. But with last nights home run Castro is hitting .299 with a Slg. Pct. of .529.
While Wright had two more hits bringing his BA to .287 with an RBI, Beltran, Reyes and Easley all were hit less. So overall the Mets have been able to hang with the Phillies for over half the year while missing several key players and never really hitting on all cylinders.......