Saturday, September 13, 2008

Are they trying to raise Heilman's value

Suddenly were hearing all kinds of reports about how Aaron Heilman's tendinitis in his left knee has effected him this year. A right handed pitcher plants with their left leg which supports their entire body through the delivery process and is a major factor in the control of the ball. Not only are the Mets now saying that the knee is why he's been so erratic this year but he has been unable to maintain a routine in the pen which has effected his arm strength/velocity.
The Mets revealed that Heilman had been pitching for most of the year with the pain, which might be part of what has caused him to struggle off and on. It's one reason interim manager Jerry Manuel has used him in only two games this month.source Star Ledger
I'm suspect, not that he's hurting but more of the timing and how much it's actually effecting him this entire year. I mean why let this guy hang in the breeze for most of the season, until it was almost un-bearable to send him to the mound in his own home stadium if their was a legitimate problem. It seems to me that the Mets have given up on him and are comfortable with the alternatives, now they are trying to resurrect his value. As Jon Heyman points out there's still a market for Heilman and if the Mets can wash away this year they may actually get something in return.....

Mets manager Jerry Manuel mentioned that struggling reliever Aaron Heilman has been suffering from knee tendonitis since the spring, and that that may have adversely affected his performance. But one NL scout has a different theory. That scout said that Heilman is better as a starter, when he is throwing his sinker in the 88-91 range rather than trying to throw 95 as a reliever. The Mets have never seen Heilman as a starter. So he could be seen as trade bait this winter. The Rockies and Diamondbacks are among many teams to have inquired about Heilman. source