Sunday, December 21, 2008

Baldelli prefers the northeast

Coming off his positive news about an improved diagnosis which should make his condition more treatable and allow him to play more often, Rocco Baldelli is discussing his baseball future. The native New Englander is somewhat of a local hero and still resides during the off-season in Rhode Island. Not only is the north east his home but he under goes treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital. While he understands he isn't in a position to dictate where he goes, he would prefer to play in the north east.

Baldelli is a tremulously talented player but a team may only be getting a reserve outfielder and pinch hitter depending on his condition. The 27 y/o right hander has stolen as many as 27 bases with 76 RBIs ( 2003) and 16 HR ( 2004). He has a lifetime BA of .281, but after more then 500 ABs in his first two seasons each of the next three years his AB have steadily declined ( 364, 176, 80). A team will either get a player with very limited availability or an All-star caliber player on a bench players contract.....

The Phillies, Reds, Red Sox, or Rays may take a chance with Baldelli. According to sources close to the Cumberland, R.I. native, he would love to play closer to New England, but at this point he can't be too picky. The Mets also need a righthanded-hitting outfielder and could get into the mix. source Boston Globe