Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fuentes still a Fit ?

Buster Olney of ESPN has an article today in which he looks at the market for free agent closer Brian Fuentes. The former Colorado closer has seen his market close ( no pun intended) since both K-Rod and J.J. came to the Mets. Fuentes price could drop so much that he actually makes set-up man money and with the Mets in need of a lefty Olney won't rule them out. My guess would be that if price get that low that he would sign a one year deal as a closer and then try again next year......

Mets: K-Rod is the closer and J.J. Putz will be the primary set-up man, and they certainly have room and a need for a strong left-hander as well. But their focus is on adding a starting pitcher. source ESPN