Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rincon might be our best option..

Now that Scott Schoeneweis has been moved the Mets really need to find a replacement, with all the power hitting lefties in the league it's not practical to have only one left handed pitcher in the pen. With Putz and K-Rod at the back-end of games, Pedro Feliciano is now the premier left handed specialist, all the other lefty needs to be is a serviceable early inning LOOGY. Feliciano can be used for the entire seventh inning when two tough lefties are sandwiched by a right handed hitter, the other lefty needs to be a guy who comes in early when the starter gets in trouble and is out of gas with a lefty coming to the plate.

As I posted before most of the good lefties are going to require multi-year deals and simply aren't worth the contracts, in fact I think they would be Show all over again; Shouse, Beimel and Reyes.

The Mets best bet might be Ricardo Rincon the 38 y/o missed most of 2006 and all of 2007 due to injuries. In 2008 Omar gave him an invite and he had a great spring training, but after missing two years he was re-assigned to the minors more as a rehab to get back into pitching. He was then loaned to the Mexican league so he could play closer to home. In 35 innings with the Diablos he had an ERA of 3.82. He returned in Sept. in which he pitched 4 innings and allowed two runs ( 4.50 ERA).

Now fully healthy and a full year under his belt Rincon could be a low risk high reward acquisition. In a ten year career he has a lifetime ERA of 3.59 with 21 saves. He was a solid reliever in the Oakland A's team during two playoff runs ( 2002-2003). As the second lefty he wouldn't be relied upon heavily but wouldn't get flustered with runners on base. Rincon is a free agent who could probably be signed to a minor league deal with an invite....