Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Are Mets frontrunners for Ohman ?

Here's why I feel the Mets need two lefties in the pen in the NL east......

Lets take Freddy Garcia, just as an example. Freddy as the fifth starter pitches four solid innings against the Phillies ( using them as an example not setting the pen for one team) and gets to the fifth, where he begins to struggle. He puts two runners on while only recording one out. Coming up are Utley and Howard so Manuel goes to a situational lefty who records the last outs of the inning. The next inning the right handed middle reliever gets through the inning and in the seventh inning the big lefties are coming up again. The right handed middle relievers are going to have to prove they can handle the lefties in the seventh inning before the team gets to Putz and K-Rod.

The same players who will have to prove they can get lefties out maybe competing for their roster spot if a lefty is signed. Ideally I want to keep them all and have a second lefty, but of course that can't happen. The Mets will either be comfortable with Green, Sanchez, and Stokes getting out lefties early in the game or one will be moved to make room for one.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer the Phillies have all but bowed out on Will Ohman. The Phillies said it would need to be a perfect contract and even then they're not sure. Since Ohman has been only talking to the Mets and Phillies that would seem to make the Mets the front runners for his services....

"We've been talking mostly with the Phillies and Mets the last couple weeks," Odle said. "He just wants to be in that pressure-packed situation. I think that's why both the Phillies and the Mets are ideal situations for him. "He's a fearless competitor and he's intense, and more than anything he just wants to pitch in meaningful situations." source Philadelphia Inquirer