Saturday, March 14, 2009

Big step for Livan...

Livan Hernandez moved himself one step closer to making this team, with Tim Redding being side lined indefinitely both the fifth starters spot and long man positions are available. However, nobody has established themselves as a front runner for either position. Hernandez has been in the lead but that's been more by default then anything else, that may have changed today. Hernandez finally had a very crisp game, in case he's the long man he showed he could come out of the pen while pitching multiple innings as a starter. After Mike Pelfrey's four innings Hernandez came in and pitched two hitless/scoreless innings in which he allowed a walk per inning but also induced a Taylor made made double play.
Livan Hernandez threw two no-hit innings in relief in what manager Jerry Manuel said was probably Hernandez's best performance so far. source Star Ledger