Friday, June 5, 2009

J.J. Putz to have surgery...

Finally, J.J. Putz admitted that he was pitching injured and could no longer continue. Putz had been completely ineffective, he was unable to throw his off-speed pitches without pain and his fastball had lost velocity.

Putz will have surgery to remove a bone spur in the elbow and it's believed, that it will take 8-10 weeks for him to recover. At least the Mets now know what was truly wrong and can address the problem, hopefully; the team will still be in the race and he will be a nice pick-up down the stretch.

Players on the DL can't be traded, so even if a team wanted him as their closer in Sept. and Omar was willing to package him in the right deal, that's now out of the question.
I know many will want Putz rushed out of town, but I think this makes it's essential for them to pick-up his option. A few months of ineffective pitching isn't worth the pieces the Mets gave up for him, they either need to get a full year out of him or flip him in a trade in the off-season.

Who will replace him on the roster ?

The Mets best AAA reliever has been Elmer Dessens, the journeyman pitcher has made 20 appearances with a record of 3-1, seven saves, ERA 1.29 and 0.86 WHIP. If they decide to showcase Eddie Kunz he has started to rebound with an ERA of 3.13, but he's still getting beat-up by lefties. Or the Mets could bring up Figgy for the third time, as a longman in case Redding gets shelled again.

J.J. Putz will have surgery Tuesday to address the bone spur in his right elbow, although it's not considered a season-ending injury, sources confirmed to the Daily News. Putz signaled Thursday after pitching in Pittsburgh in pain that he could not continue without getting the matter addressed. source Daily News