Sunday, July 19, 2009

Would Chad Tracy make sense...

As many know, I was a big proponent of making a significant, aggressive trade, but that was over a month ago. In my opinion, whats transpiring now was predictable, I said without a trade, the team would begin to fall behind and then a losing mentality would set in, taking the team into a tailspin. By the time the trade deadline came around or players returned from injury, the deficit would be too big to over come. Being 7.5 games behind and hearing Gary Sheffield talk about this team waiting for the next shoe to drop, it appears my fears have come to fruition.

So while I will still look at trade candidates, my focus has slightly shifted from players who could help salvage this season to players who can help us in the near future without costing us the future we already have. I wouldn't be against becoming a seller but I don't think we have anyone of value we're willing to part with, who would net anyone of value.

What will we need next year; a left fielder, first baseman, power threat and a number two starter ( basically everything we needed this year - Delgado was predictable). Looking at the 2010 free agent lists (source MLBTR), there's not much out there.

The D-Backs maybe looking to move Chad Tracy, the 29 y/o left hand hitting player has a club option for next year. Tracy is having a horrible year hitting .222 with 5 home runs and 29 RBIs but in July he's showing signs of life hitting .308. Arizona has a very similar player to Tracy in Mark Reynolds and have brought up their #1 prospect a 1B named Josh Whitesall.

Tracy was a top prospect, in 2004 he was the #35 prospect on the top 50 list, that year David Wright was #9, Jeremy Reed #10 & Jeff Francoeur # 45. Injuries have slowed Tracy progress but he's still had some very solid years in Arizona.

His original position was 3B and he's played 334 major league games at the position with a .939 fld. pct.. He successfully transitioned to 1B, which over the past two seasons has been his primary position, playing 218 major league games. He has also played 52 games in the outfield ( 47 in RF) with a fielding percentage of .980.

He's a lifetime .281 hitter with a Slg pct. of .456, in 2005 he hit .308 ( 145 gms) with 27 HRs and 70 RBIs. The next year he had similar numbers but from 2006-2009 his playing time has diminished due to injuries and a crowded roster, his average each year has still been around .260.

This year his offensive numbers are very similar to Murphy's but it appears he's starting to come around and aside from 1B, Murphy's fielding pct. fail to come close. Unlike Murphy, Tracy has a major league track record of success and was identified by scouts, as having major league potential. Tracy maybe in a similar situation to Francoeur, needing a change of scenario to succeed.

Hitting .222 and the team squeazing him out, he shouldn't cost much, if the price is right, I say he's just the type of player you bring in. If he's a bust you don't pick-up the option, but if he works out you have a relatively young player ( 30 y/o next season) at a decent price, who is a solid fielder at three positions and has the potential to be a decent big park bat ( singles hitter ).
Tracy, meanwhile, is wondering about both his short-term and long-term future
with the club. The club has an option on his contract for next season.
“Obviously, I want the playing time, I want to be out there every day,” he said. “Right now, there are a lot of question marks, especially for me, and some of the other guys that are on their last year of their contract or have some value to be traded, so I think we're probably at that point now where anything can happen. I wouldn't be surprised by anything. source AZ central