Monday, September 28, 2009

Neyer rips Murphy...

I've never believed that Dan Murphy was a starter at any position, he's filled in the best at 1B but that still doesn't make him a starting 1B in the major leagues. If he does become a major league starter it should be after he develops those skills in the minors and not through on-the-job training in the majors.

Moving forward it's a mistake for the Mets to believe they can live with the mistakes Murphy makes at first, for those only counting errors, it's much more subtle then that. He is constantly out of position, effecting other players positioning and fielding while making then compensate for his deficiencies.

I actually feel bad for Murphy, the Mets truly did him a disservice, they decided not to go for a left fielder in a deep market and covered their tracks by promoting the home grown kid, off a 49 game hot streak straight out of AA. I believe eventually Murphy will become a Miguel Cairo type, but he shouldn't be the starting 1B next season...

Rob Neyer of ESPN takes on the idea of Murphy as a starting 1B, his position addresses Murphy's offense.

This season, 23 major league first basemen have enough plate appearances to qualify for the batting title. Among them, Murphy ranks 20th in slugging percentage and 22nd in on-base percentage. He's just not getting the job done, and isn't likely to. source ESPN