Saturday, November 14, 2009

Could Crawford be available..

Carl Crawford would be the perfect fit for the Mets vacancy in left field. Crawford is the perfect mix of defense, speed and power that the Mets are desperate to obtain. The 28 y/o left hander is a three time all star and four time AL stolen base champion. He has hit as high as .315 in a season ( 2007) and as many as 18 HRs ( 2008). The Rays just picked up his 10MM option for next season, after which he's a free agent. Frank Russo of NYBD has heard that Crawford wants out of Tampa while Tampa disputes those reports...

It appears that Carl Crawford’s days in a Tampa Bay uniform could be numbered. We spoke with someone with knowledge of the situation on Friday who told us that Crawford is “livid” over management’s decision to pick up his 2010 club option for $10 million rather than renegotiate a contract extension, which was agreed upon by the two sides when Crawford first signed his contract. “He wants out of Tampa bad,” is what we were told. “He had a handshake agreement with management that they would renegotiate the contract instead of picking up the option and they went ahead and did it anyway. He’s pissed beyond belief.” source NYBD

With trade rumors already circulating about All-Star leftfielder Carl Crawford, now there's an apparently false, unattributed report from the NY Baseball Digest that suggests Crawford wants out of Tampa Bay. source