Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Could the mets make another run at Lowe

The Atlanta Braves are really pushing to trade Derek Lowe, originally they wanted a power bat in return for the veteran pitcher but are now much more flexible and are willing to eat part of the contract.

Lowe is owed 45 MM over the next three years, 15MM per season, the 36 y/o right hander went 15-10 with a 4.36 ERA last year.

I thought he was the perfect fit for the Mets last year, a solid veteran #2 who could move to the pen as he started to age and break down. But the Braves out bid us and are now sorry they are burden with such a large contract.

Jon Morosi of Fox Sports speculates on who could be interested in Lowe and while the Mets are listed I have to agree with Morosi that the Angels make the most sense.

Possible D. Lowe suitors: #Yankees, #Mets, #Brewers, #Angels, #Orioles. In my opinion, Halos are best fit. source Jon Morosi twitter