Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Is Igarashi heading to NY or Boston...

You couldn't script this any worse for the Mets, like it or not, at least appearance wise they look more inept by the minute. They look like an indecisive organization, that no one wants to play for and are having difficulty signing anyone. Either player was hardly an appropriate response to the events of the last 24 hrs, but both players they've attempted to sign have suddenly come into question.

Last night it was reported that the Mets had signed Kelvim Escobar only to find out he was offered a minor league contract but decided to wait and see if a team would sign him to a major league deal.

Today it was reported that the Mets were close to signing set-up man Ryota Igarashi then later in the day, suddenly there's a report that the Red Sox are the top bidders ( Metsblog).

Look I'm not saying either were going to end up being difference makers but from a public relations point of view it appears they can't even sign the smallest of deals....