Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mets select & then trade rule five pick...

The Mets had the seventh pick in the rule five draft, under Omar Minaya the Mets have attempted to select a player who had a chance to stay with the team ( Steven Register/Darren O'Day) and picking that high the could have possibly found a second lefty for the pen.

The Mets selected Carlos Monasterios which left many people saying "who", the young righty reliever who was part of the Bobby Abreu trade wasn't on any ones radar but the situation got even stranger. The Mets turned around and traded Monasterios to the Dodgers for cash considerations. Maybe, this is part of a bigger trade that is in the works since the Mets are interested in two of the Dodgers relievers, otherwise; they passed on the 7th pick which isn't consistent with past practices.