Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm skeptical of the Lowell idea...

By now we've all heard the rumor that the Mets and Red Sox have discussed swapping Mike Lowell for Louis Castillo and it appears many Mets fans are on board with the idea.

Jon Heyman is reporting that the Mets aren't gung-ho on the idea and neither am I. Why do I believe Mets fan like this idea, because they like Lowell's intangibles and they're dying to get rid of Castillo.

In my opinion 12MM dollars for intangibles is an awful expensive price tag, Lowell has never played one major game at 1B and only four minor league games. For those who say he's a great 3B so the transition should be fine, the problem is he had the same hip surgery as Delgado in 2009 and it diminished his range, couple that with hand surgery this off-season and it's too much of a risk.

It's true Delgado had hip surgery and could lose even more range but Delgado would be here on a low base salary and he's not here for his fielding. Lowell would be another right handed bat who only hits at most 20 HRs, because of his left handed power, Delgado makes more sense in the line-up.

I find the more frustrating problem is the way the Mets are not willing to eat their mistakes. This is the second off-season that they're allowing a players contract to handcuff them, in this rumor alone they have an example of how a large market handles their mistakes. The Sox wanted a new 3B so they signed Adrian Beltre and will figure out what to do with Lowell later. If they really want Hudson sign him and figure out what to do with Castillo later. Otherwise you maybe watching him make terrific plays 19 times a year as a Nat.

If the Dodgers can negotiate Andruw Jones restructuring of the contract for his release, the Tigers can cut Gary Sheffield and the Red Sox can sign a new 3B with Lowell still there, the Mets can figure out Hudson and Castillo.

As far as the trade itself it doesn't make any sense without a third team, sure the Sox want to move Lowell but they don't need Castillo and Lowell other then winning personality doesn't really fit the Mets needs.