Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mets holding firm with Molina...

While most experts believe that eventually Molina will sign with the Mets in the next two weeks it appears the hold up is that both sides wont budge.

By all accounts the Mets really want Molina as there catcher and Molina wants to come to the Mets but the problem is in regards to the contract. Molina is said to be holding firm at three years while the Mets aren't budging from one year and an option.

Molina doesn't have any other suitors and even if he takes a job for one year with another team because he becomes disgruntled over negotiations most of those jobs are as a mentor where he could lose the starting job mid-season.
I think Molina will eventually get two years just to save face, if guys like Jason Kendall and Ivan Rodriguez got two.
A line-up of these players maybe not in this exact order- Reyes, Castillo/Hudson, Wright, Beltran, Bay, Delgado, Francoeur, Molina will be a top five offense in the NL.
There is another reason the Mets are more seriously pursuing Delgado. They see it as leverage against Molina. The Mets’ thought is that if Delgado shows them he is healthy then they will be less compelled to chase power behind the plate and could, instead, think more about defense with Henry Blanco joined by someone from among the current collection (Chris Coste or Omir Santos; Josh Thole is still probably too raw defensively to be considered to begin the season). Or the Mets could still turn to free agency with a Rod Barajas type or to trade, where they could still weigh Arizona’s Chris Snyder. source NY Post