Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How can the Mets be too broke to sign Barajas

I find this extremely annoying, so if I appear overly negative I apologize in advance.

I'm a ticket plan holder, all I ask from the organization is for them to be honest and allow me to make an educated decision. To be honest if the Mets said they were hurting financially and were going to do what they could but basically this is going to be a punt year. I would respect that and wouldn't feel deceived in making my decision to purchase tickets, I would probably still buy tickets because I enjoy taking my son to games.

Right now I'm feeling deceived, either the Mets never planned to sign the free agents they were reported to be close on, like Molina and Pineiro or something has significantly impacted their finances this off-season that their not admitting to.

Basically I think they were making idol offers hoping other teams would outbid them. The Mets were last linked to serious negotiation with a significant player when the ticket plan renewal deadline expired and they suddenly became broke after the final payment of ticket plans were due. The second half of ticket plan payments were due on Feb. 1st which is when Buster Olney first reported that the Mets were broke.

Santos was never an option until Molina was off the board which didn't happen until ticket plan renewals were due. But now suddenly they can't afford Barajas without signing a single free agent since they supposedly just missed on Pineiro and Molina. Before they start claiming they never liked Barajas, in November Marty Noble reported Barajas was their top choice.

So if the Mets were going to spend over 15M on Molina and Pineiro and didn't spend any of it, how can they be too broke to spend the 2M it would cost to sign Barajas, a guy who was clearly on their radar. It appears once again that the Mets are creating their own negative situations, in the NY media fish bowl the last thing a team needs to do is create their own situations. I think saying this was a rebuilding year would have been received in a less negative manner then giving the appearance that they are deceiving their fan base which is what it's starting to look like they did this winter...

Joe Morosi of Fox sports is reporting not that the Mets aren't interested in Rod Barajas but that they can't afford him...

Two of the teams that could benefit from signing free-agent catcher Rod Barajas — the Mets and Rangers — appear hamstrung by complications at the ownership level.The Mets, outbid by the Padres for catcher Yorvit Torrealba, are out of money, major-league sources say — a curious position for a team that spent $66 million on outfielder Jason Bay knowing it had other needs. source Fox sports