Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mets avoid arby with Pagan..

After Lou Pinella proclaimed that Angel Pagan drove him nuts with his mistakes the Cubs traded him back to the Mets. I don't think the Mets wanted to go through the same experience with Pagan by describing his mental errors to an arbitrator, especially since he's probably the starting center fielder for the first two months of the season. Pagan and the Mets have come to terms on a one year agreement to avoid arbitration, Pagan was the last arbitration eligible player that had not agreed to a contract.

Angel Pagan has settled on a $1.45 million contract for 2010. That leaves the Mets with no more arbitration-eligible players. Pagan had filed arbitration for $1.8 million, with the Mets countering at $1.275 million. source Daily News