Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wellemeyer signs with the Giants...

The Mets have passed on at least 20 pitchers at this point and they might not realize it but they look like they either have a serious case of battered team syndrome or are extreme elitists.

At this point if they don't lead the league in wins and ERA they're going to look like fools, with each pitcher that has come off the board the Mets have either said the in house options were better or made excuses for the player landing elsewhere.
Now that doesn't seem like a ridiculous response when it's early Dec. and only five pitchers have signed but a week before pitchers and catchers report with this many starters signing elsewhere and starting pitching a major need of the team, it becomes a pretty weak argument.

The latest pitcher the Mets lost out on was Todd Wellemeyer, just a week after the Mets were reported to be interested, he signed a minor league deal with the Giants...

Adding a veteran who should deepen competition for the No. 5 spot in the starting rotation, the Giants signed free agent right-hander Todd Wellemeyer to a Minor League contract that includes a non-roster invitation to big league Spring Training. source