Monday, October 4, 2010

Beltran doesn't need to go to Colorado

Carlos Beltran 7
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There was some concern that after finishing his season early Carlos Beltran would be returning to Dr. Steadman in Colorado.

Beltran's decision to have surgery so late into the off-season is what many feel sealed this team's fate. I know he didn't feel the pain until he began getting ready for spring training but I still find myself saying what the heck was he doing playing in meaningless games on a bad knee in Sept. 2009, did that worsen this condition.

The Braves finished 12 games ahead of the Mets for the wild card and even a healthy Beltran couldn't have made up that difference but along with his individual contributions, how much of an impact would he have had on this team as a whole.

After starting slow Beltran appeared to be finally coming into playing shape just as he was shut down; there are still many questions to answer such as will he be on this team, what position will he play and how much does he have left.

At least the first hurdle has been clear with him not needing to return to the specialist after everything was reviewed between NY and CO.
"The Mets doctors talked to [Dr. Richard] Steadman and they agreed with what's going on, so I don't have to go [to Denver]," said Beltran, whose surgery with Steadman in January caused tensions between the former All-Star and the Mets. source NY Post