Sunday, October 3, 2010

Castillo hopes for a fresh start with a new regime

Luis Castillo 2
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Louis Castillo appeared in a mere 85 games this season in which he hit .236, almost 70 points below his career average. In addition to his slumping offensive output his range was also significantly diminished.

Once the Mets were out of contention and it was clear that Jerry and Omar wouldn't be returning, it seemed that they took out their frustration on Louie.

The Mets marched practically anyone with a Mets uniform and a glove out to second base before they'd use Castillo. He appeared in nine games in Sept. and only started three of those games.

Regardless of what happened between Castillo and Jerry, at best he's a utility bench player at this point in his career and should work on understanding that role.

However, it sounds like Louie is hoping that with a regime change that not only could he stay but can get his playing time back...
"I'm not going to do this again, but if they want to talk to me about playing, then I can stay," Castillo said. "But to have another season like this, when I just sit on the bench, what do you think?" source NY Post