Monday, October 4, 2010

Chicago preparing to lose Hahn...

Matt over at Metsblog posted earlier today that Andy Martino of the Daily News tweeted that Rick Hahn is on the Mets short list for the GMs position. 

It seems like Hahn's name has been mentioned often in regard to the Mets, Jon Heyman of listed him as a candidate and so did Chicago ESPN.

The headline in Saturday's Chicago Tribune "Sox could lose assistant GM Hahn to Mets" and went on to say:
White Sox assistant general manager Rick Hahn is on the GM short list for the Mets' expected opening. …
So who exactly is Rick Hahn, in April of 2010 Baseball America ranked the top 10 GM prospects and Hahn was listed #1 (source Soxbronzetitan).  The year before Baseball Prospectus listed Hahn the #3 GM candidate, the two ahead of him are now GMs.
Hahn might be among the least-known names on this list, but that suits him fine. Hahn is comfortable working in the background, focusing on building up the White Sox while Kenny Williams takes the media heat. Hahn's background working with agents has given him plenty of experience dealing with contracts, thereby allowing Williams to focus on the makeup of the team. The knock on Hahn is that he might not have the talent evaluation chops that others on the list do, but no one thinks that he couldn't handle the job if he brought in a solid talent evaluator as a second-in-command. Hahn's strengths clearly outweigh his weaknesses, and one writer I spoke with said "it's his presence that's most impressive. You know this guy's in charge when you meet him, but he's not bigger than the room." Add in a spotless resumé that includes some top schools and a World Series ring, and it's no wonder Hahn's on this list—and other's. source Baseball Prospectus
Chicago Breaking News in reporting that Hahn was tops of the Baseball America GM list stated that he had interviewed and withdrew his name from the St. Louis and Pittsburgh positions, while the White Sox didn't allow him to interview for the Seattle position.  Here's what Hahn had to say in response to the BA listing...
"That recognition is nice, absolutely," Hahn said. "But let's be frank. It's not like being named that the organization has the No. 1 position player or pitching prospect in the game. I'd probably trade myself for Jayson Heyward or Steven Strasburg in a minute, and I'm guessing [White Sox general manager] Kenny [Williams] would probably drive me to the airport if that was on the table." source
Finally here's part of the bio the White Sox have on their web site for him;
Now in his ninth season with the Chicago White Sox, Vice President/ Assistant General Manager Rick Hahn's primary responsibilities include assisting Senior Vice President/ General Manager Ken Williams with determining the club's roster composition, all player acquisitions, talent evaluations and contract negotiations, as well as with overseeing every element of the organization's baseball operations activities, including the scouting and player development departments.
Since joining the organization, Hahn has negotiated over $500 million in player contracts, including multiyear agreements with current White Sox players Mark Buerhle, Paul Konerko and Matt Thornton. Over the past 15 months, Williams has credited Hahn with playing an integral role in the White Sox acquisition of outfielder Carlos Quentin from Arizona, the signing of free agent infielder Alexei Ramirez, as well as in the evaluation and signing of 2008 first-round pick Gordon Beckham from the University of Georgia. In midsummer of 2008, writers with both and ranked Hahn as one of the top general manager candidates in the game today. source