Sunday, October 3, 2010

Elmer only returns on a major league deal

The bullpens
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I said in this post that the decisions the new administration makes in regard to the pen could give us fans an indication as to what direction the team is truly taking next season. No New York team is going to admit they are in a rebuilding stage, they'll try to convince you that they believe in the younger players and the remaining veterans to rebound. Unless they find some very generous trade partners the rotation and positional players are already pretty much locked, the bullpen is where were going to see their true direction. In the above linked post I wrote this about Elmer...

Elmer Dessens seems to be one of those guys who figures it all out with age and due to his experiences becomes unflappable. Not only does he deserve a contract based on his performance, I also see him having the same effect on the younger relievers like Bert ( Roberto Hernandez) did in 2005. It may take a major league contract to keep him and if the Mets are rebuilding there will be no room for a 40 y/o.

According to Adam Rubin Dessens is pitching next year and is open to returning to the Mets but the only way that will happen is on a major league deal. Lets face it, at 40 y/o this is his last chance at some security and decent pay. He's earned the right to ask for a major league deal after showing a rubber arm in posting a 2.30 ERA in 53 games and a club will give it to him, the question is if the Mets have room for a 40 y/o reliever...
Reliever Elmer Dessens, who turns 40 on Jan. 13, said he intends to pitch in 2011 only if he gets a guaranteed major league deal with the Mets or elsewhere. He does not intend to be in a camp on a minor league deal. source ESPN NY