Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hunsicker took himself out...

I'll give the Wilpon's credit they appear to be leaving no stone unturned, according to reports they started with a list near 30 for the vacant GMs position.  According to Adam Rubin at ESPN NY they have reduced it to seven names they will seek to interview. There are young sabermetrics guys, scouting types and old guard former successful GMs.

One of the names that is missing for the list of seven that was suggested early on was Gerry Hunsicker.  He worked for the Mets in several different functions between 1988-1992 before becoming the Astros GM.  Hunsicker held the Astros job between 1995-2004 in which the team won the division four times with one World Series appearance (2005) and five other second place finishes. 

He currently is working for the Rays as a VP of baseball operations.  According to David Lennon of Newsday, Hunsicker made it clear he isn't interested in the Mets job.

I thought Hunsicker would be good fit, but already told Wall Street Journal that he's not interested. #mets source David Lennon twitter