Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Russ Bove sounds off on his way out -others not returning

Long time Omar loyalist Russ Bove has been told that his contract will not be renewed.  In 2005 Bove served as the Director of Amatuer scouting, he oversaw a solid 2005 draft .  Which included Mike Pelfrey, Hector Pellot, Andrew E Butera (used in Castillo trade), Jon Niese, Bobby Parnell, Josh Thole and Eric Brown to name a few at the top.

Despite that success he was re-assigned and his position was given to Rudy Terrasas (source BA), MLB Bonus Baby ranked Terrasas last amongst scouting directors and Bove kept his mouth shut. Now he is angry over the timing of his discharge or actually his none renewal.

 Also not returning will be scouts Ben Johnson, Sandy Johnson, Duane Larson and 1B coach Razor Shines....
"There was no communication letting us know whether we were in or out," Bove said. "They strung us along pretty good. I don't care I'm fired, but to do it on Nov. 1, after the contracts ran out, is totally unprofessional and unprecedented. I talked to a million people and they never heard of that. To not be able to talk to other clubs and leave us hanging is pretty low. But I can understand a new guy comes in and wants to bring in his own people." source ESPN NY