Friday, December 10, 2010

A closer look at the LOOGY market

Especially in the national league east with so many power hitting lefties I think it's essential to carry a LOOGY in the bullpen, no matter how good a righty is against lefties I still think there are certain situation that it's a must match-up. 

Our best in-house option for the role of left handed specialist is Pat Misch, no I doubt if Ollie will be any less a mess this year and the three lefties in the minors are either unimpressive or not ready ( Carson, Nieson, Antonini ),  unless you want to roll the dice on O'Connor. 

Pat Misch over his career has made 64 relief appearances with an ERA 2.67, left handed batters hit .289 and he had a 2.38 BB/SO ratio against lefties.  I'm not that confident in turning those situations over to any of the in-house candidates so here's a closer look at the LOOGY market. 

Scott Downs is the best lefty reliever but he's a type A player, the Mets wont touch him.
Pedro Feliciano will get a multi year deal taking him out of the Mets mix.
Scott Schoeneweis didn't do well in NY and I don't think they'll try it again.

Then there is the journeymen who seem to be with a new club every year, most of these guys despite their age are effective as LOOGY.  Below is their age, appearances, 2010 LHB BA and BB/SO ratio and then overall 2010 ERA/WHIP.  Mahay is coming off short season; for his age Rhodes numbers are sick; Hendrickson is awful; Beimel, Byrdak, Romero, Ohman all have solid numbers.

Joe Beimel (34) 71appearances- LHB .221- BB/SO 2.14- ERA 3.40- WHIP 1.47
Ron Mahay (40) 41 appearances -LHB .219 - BB/SO 6.00- ERA 3.44-WHIP 1.20
Arthur Rhodes (41) 69 appearances -LHB .214- BB/SO 26.00- ERA 2.29- WHIP 1.01
Tim Byrdak (37) 64 appearances -LHB .213 -BB/SO 2.71- ERA 3.49 -WHIP 1.55
Will Ohman (32) 68 appearances -LHB .229 -BB/SO 2.19 -ERA 3.21 -WHIP 1.50
J.C. Romero (35) 60 appearances- LHB .217 -BB/SO 1.82  -ERA 3.68 -WHIP 1.60
Mark Hendrickson (37) 52 appearances- LHB .313 -BB/SO 2.75 -ERA 5.26 -WHIP 1.55

There's only two younger guys in the group, Howell missed all of 2010 and I'm not sure when he's due back, Tankersley could be cheap but he's wild.

J.P. Howell (27) 2009-69 appearances- LHB .280- BB/SO 1.73- ERA 2.84 -WHIP 1.20
Taylor Tankersley (28) 27 appearances- LHB .200- BB/SO 2.33- ERA 7.50- WHIP 1.58

Then there is the group of lesser known pitchers.

Brian Burres (30) 20 appearances- LHB .308- BB/SO 1.63- ERA 4.99- WHIP 1.55
Randy Choate (35) 85 appearances- LHB .202- BB/SO 4.05 -ERA 4.23 -WHIP 1.29
Randy Flores (35) 58 appearances-LHB .295- BB/SO 1.25- ERA 3.91- WHIP 1.51
Bobby Seay (33) 2009- 67 appearances- LHB .261-BB/SO 2.56- ERA 4.25- WHIP 1.29
Randy Williams (35) 27appearances LHB .327- BB/SO 1.29- ERA 5.40- WHIP 2.32