Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Duda wont be on the bench ?

This is somewhat of a surprise to me, in my mind I already had Duda penciled in as a power bat off the bench.  However, during Adam Rubin's chat today he said that Terry Collins has said Duda will not be on the bench.

I agree with slowing prospects so their skills can better develop but I'm not sure how much Duda will improve, I think he's always only going to be a bat. 

Duda reminds me of Adam Dunn and while I'd love to have a bat like that, you always seem to run into trying to figure out where to put them, I wonder if his biggest value could be as a trade chip to an AL team looking for a young DH. 

Still even if long term his greatest value is on the market, for this up coming season I'm surprised he's not being considered for the bench, he might be the only imposing bat for the bench. 
If Bay, Pagan and Beltran are the starters and healthy, Duda is in Buffalo. Terry Collins is on the record saying Duda is not going to be a major league bench player. Bay's contract is not attractive in a trade. Remember, it was backloaded, with a low base salary in the year that already has passed. So the four years, $66 million is skewed toward the part that has yet to expire. source ESPN NY