Friday, December 10, 2010

Mets interested in Reed Johnson

In 2008 when the Blue Jays were on the verge designating Reed Johnson the Mets were interested in the versatile outfielder, as I documented in this post. The Mets stuck with Angel Pagan who that year only played in 31 games (shoulder) injury) and hit .271 while Reed went to the Cubs hitting .303 in 109 games ( 78 CF/ 26 RF / 6LF).  Of course, Pagan went only to prove himself a regular starting outfield in all three spots and in 2008 it was an either/or proposal.

In two seasons (2009-2010) Pagan has played in 230 games in which he's hit .295 with a .345 OBP while Reed, five years older over that same time played in 167 games with a .255 BA and .320 OBP. If your picking between the two the Mets made the right choice but if you can have both then you have excellent defense and offense with good speed.