Friday, December 10, 2010

Ollie could be a LOOGY

Oliver Perez 7
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The nice thing about being the new GM, is that you can make jokes like saying Jason Werth's contract makes some of ours look good.

Sandy Alderson has no ties to Oliver Perez's contract, he certainly isn't going to find a buyer, so he can either have the organization eat 12M or he can try to salvage something out of him.

I know there are many Mets fans who will be highly upset if he even makes it to spring training, let alone has a shot at making the roster.

But a reasonable approach would be, that if he's on the roster and completely ineffective then become completely upset but if they can find a useful spot for him, from a business point of view I'd expect for them to attempt to recoup some of their money.

Now I definitely had an issue last year with Ollie, Omar allowed ( Jeff said he would have cut him if Omar asked) Ollie to run a muck; letting an ineffective player refuse assignment and then to just sit him on the bench for three weeks at a time is ridiculous.

But once the season was over and a new GM is in place, it becomes an evaluation process in my opinion, the time to cut him was by Omar when he was walking through the clubhouse eating Popsicles.

Now I don't know what level to equate the Mexican League to but his numbers against lefties are very good, he might actually have a shot to be a LOOGY;

He's pitched 8.2 innings against lefty handed hitters ( both as a starter/reliever) in which he has an ERA of 1.04, holding batters to a BA of 1.72, 8 SO, 2 BB, 1 ER and 5 H. source here