Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tabata strong in winter ball..

Marcos Tabata is a 24 y/o right handed relief pitcher from Venezuela who has been in the Mets system since 2006.  Tabata has never been above A and his numbers are pretty pedestrian; career ERA 4.30 and WHIP 1.38. 

I know it's only winter ball, in fact if it wasn't a slow weekend I wouldn't even have noticed this, but while major leaguer Oliver Perez and higher prospects like Robert Carson and Eric Nieson are struggling, Tabata is dealing. 

In 19 appearances ( 20.1 innings) Tabata has an ERA of 0.44 and two saves, he's held hitters to a .121 BA while striking out 22 but has also walked 18.  When he starts an inning he hasn't allowed a run and batters are hitting .097, with runners on it those numbers gone up slightly ( ERA 0.79/ BAA .143) but the BAs go back down when they're in scoring position ( ERA .096 / BAA .103) basically in 11.1 innings he's allowed one inherited run.

I'm told he has a live arm ( 91-94mph) with a solid curve ball but as evident by the walks there are control issues, at 24 y/o I'm not expecting much but so far in winter ball, nice job...