Friday, December 10, 2010

Who is the backup shortstop

If Ruben Tejeda is to spend the year developing his offense and gaining more seasoning in the field at AAA ( which I agree with) then the Mets have to consider who on the bench can back-up Jose Reyes.

Even if Reyes was an iron man every player needs a day off at least once a month, after the last two seasons he's much more reliable then he was from 2005-2008. 

In-house here's what we have in regards to experience at the SS position;  Russ Adams ( 189 games/ 347 MiLB), Luis Hernandez (80 games/ 771 MiLB), Justin Turner (1 game/ 53 MiLB games), Murphy and Emaus have never played an inning at short. 

I guess you can use Turner or Emaus for a day off and hope for the best, then if you need a more regular solution you could call up Adams or Hernandez. 

But it would be a more prudent to have a true veteran at the position on the roster, now I hate limiting the team flexibility but in the Mets quest to find a serviceable 2B they don't have a true middle infielder on the bench.  To regain some of the bench flexibility the team would have to sign a backup SS who could play other positions, unfortunately anyone who fits that description is a weak bat.

So here are the candidates that meet the description;

Bill Hall- 31y/o - .250 BA - every position except catcher
Jerry Hairston Jr.- 34y/o- .254 BA - every position except catcher only 1gm at 1B
Aaron Miles-34y/o- .282 BA- 2B/SS/3B- seven games split between all three OF spots no 1B
Willy Bloomquist- 32y/o- .264 BA- All but catcher
Willy Aybar- 28y/o- .258 BA- 1B/3B/2B only 2gms SS/ no outfield
Nick Punto- 32 y/o- .247 BA- 2B/3B/SS/ 11 gms OF ( 9 gms. CF )
Bobby Crosby- 31y/o- .236 BA- SS/2B/1B/3B 1gm OF
Juan Castro- 38y/o- .238 BA- SS/3B/2B - 7gm. 1B- 3gm OF